5 Fun (and appropriate!) Bachelorette Party Games

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Unfortunately, a lot of classic bachelorette party games rely on alcohol to pull out laughs and sexual discussion or innuendo for giggles. There’s no need to devolve into inappropriate activity to have a good time celebrating an upcoming wedding.

Try out these 5 fun and appropriate games that don’t overstep the bounds of intimacy.

  1. Bridal Bands

Ever heard of Hedbanz? It’s a guessing game in which everyone at a party wears a headband with a card in it. You can’t see the card in your own headband, but you try to figure out what your card says by talking with other people. Of course, no one can tell you directly what your card says. You can also play the game by taping notes to people’s backs instead of using headbands.

In this “Bridal Bands” version of the game, the host creates cards for every guest to wear but not read. Each card must feature the title of a popular love song. As each guest mingles and attempts to guess what song title their own card says, those they are talking to must not say any of the words in the title, reference the artist or genre, hum the tune, or otherwise directly state the lyrics.

This game is a great icebreaker at parties, gets everyone thinking, talking, and laughing about love-related topics, and it’s punny too! (Do you get the pun?)

  1. Mr. and Mrs. MadLibs

Simple and bound to get everyone giggling, Mr. and Mrs. Madlibs are easy to make and to play all together in a big group. Only one person has to fill in the blanks, so it’s perfect for playing on the go or while doing something else, like getting nails done or munching on appetizers.

Just type up a few creative, descriptive stories about the future Mr. and Mrs., like the story of how they met, what a day in their married life might look like, or a funny experience they shared. Then, take out several nouns, verbs, and adjectives and leave blank, labelled spaces to fill in instead.

Have party guests and the bride call out verbs, adjectives, and nouns as requested. When the blanks are filled in, read the *revised* edition of the story.

  1. Pin the Veil

Yep, pin the tail on the donkey isn’t just for kids. For this game, print an enlarged photo of the bride and hang it on the wall. Print and cut out additional pictures (or cut out images from magazines) of common bridal attire and accessories like a veil, shoes, and a necklace. Blindfold one guest at a time, spin her around in circles, and then have her attempt to tape the cut out items on the photo of the bride.

For extra laughs, have the bride pose for a few funny photos or pick a few of your favorites of her. After one guest is blindfolded, change out the picture of the bride. Repeat for each blindfolded guest in order to really keep everyone guessing as they “dress” the bride.

  1. Best Dress

When you send out bachelorette party invites, ask each guest to bring a goofy accessory along. Suggestions might include a funny hair piece, a weird scarf, or a piece of costume jewelry. The more creative and wacky, the better!

Provide guests with rolls of toilet paper, strands of cloth, loose ribbons, and any other decorative materials you can think of. Using these items and the accessories that the guests brought, make it a team challenge to craft the bride a fantastic mock-wedding gown.

Bonus points if you send her groom “sneak peek” photos of her wedding attire!

  1. How You Met the Bride

It’s really common for people at a bachelorette party to be unfamiliar with each other. Some guests might only know the bride! Even if most guests are acquaintances, it’s unlikely that everyone has talked about the first time they met the bride.

So take the opportunity to laugh and “aw” about everyone’s first impressions of the bride. This game is great for bonding, sweet nostalgia, and plenty of laughs.

Before guests arrive, prepare an index card for each of them. Write a “category” on the back of each card and “that reminds you of the bride.” For example, on the back of two cards, write “food that reminds you of the bride” and on three other cards, write “animal that reminds you of the bride.”

When guests arrive, have each of them write on the card about the first time they met the bride. Be sure to have the guests describe not just how they met, but their first impression of the bride. They can be vague if they would like, but must be honest. On the other side of the card, have the guests fill in their “category” answer.

During the party, hand the bride the cards and have her guess who wrote what. She only gets two guesses per card. If she guesses correctly, the guest who wrote the card must stand up and make up a poem or song about the “category” answer provided.

For example, Amanda might write about meeting the bride at church and thinking she was really weird. If the category she receives is “food,” she may write that the bride reminds her of avocado. If the bride guesses “Amanda” correctly, Amanda must immediately make up a song or poem about the bride that describes her avocado-like traits.


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