Things to Do Now That You Aren’t Spending Every Minute Planning Your Wedding

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Wedding planning has a way of sucking you in. For weeks, months, and in some cases years, wedding planning is one of the first things the people you know ask you about. Your dates and time with your future husband just can’t seem to be enjoyed without some discussion or activity related to the big day.

So, now you’re married. What do you talk about? What do you do with all that free time together?

Here are a few ideas of things to do that might have been more challenging during the wedding planning!

  1. Talk About Your Memories Instead of Your Future

As you planned for your wedding, you spent a lot of time looking ahead together and making plans for your future. That’s all begun. Enjoy looking back.

Looking for a good starting place? Think about the topics you discussed in pre-marital counseling (your personality types, your family history, your homemaking expectations,) and think in reverse!

For example, instead of discussing the ways you might need to alter your expectations, talk about the ways your husband has exceeded your expectations. Enjoy affirming each other, laughing at your past mistakes, and reflecting on the Lord’s work in your lives.

  1. Everyday Stuff –Together

Is it weird that my husband and I like to grocery shop together? Or clean together? Okay, it is a little weird. But seriously, just enjoy that when you do that kind of everyday stuff, it’s for the both of you. For your shared home, based off your shared decisions. Appreciate that even if he hangs the laundry differently, you have a constant and oh-so-lovable partner in the mundane.

  1. Relax in the Same Room, Doing Your Own Thing

Now that you get to come home to each other, fall asleep and wake up together, and otherwise enjoy sharing life, enjoy doing your own thing. For the rest of your lives, you get to sit on different sides of the room, reading your own books or whatever it is that you like to do-that’s a blessing. Every minute together doesn’t have to be focused on your relationship or preparing for your wedding. So relax and be at home in your home.

  1. Visit Friends and Family

By your wedding day, you may have gotten sick of the questions: “how’s planning?”, “are you ready?”, “aren’t you sooo excited?” Fair questions, but again, weddings can kind of suck you in- and those you love, too.

Hang out with friends and family without talking dress choices or centerpieces. They were so involved in your big day for a reason –they’re valuable people in your life. Invite them over to enjoy your home. Use the pitcher they picked out as a wedding gift. It’s a whole new, thrilling thing to be hosts as husband and wife in your own home!

  1. Stay Fit Together

Post-wedding, it’s tempting to let go of all that work you put into being in shape for each other on your wedding day. Look out for each other’s health and find a fitness niche you can share. Whether it’s a daily walk or a weekly trip to the gym, staying fit together is good for both of you and for your marriage.

  1. Spend Time In the Sun

It might seem silly, but brides (and many bridesmaids) know that spending time in the sun pre-wedding can be a hassle. You have to be so vigilant about tan lines and burning. Now that your wedding dress has taken up residence in your closet, get out in the sun together.

  1. Keep Up With Bible Time

Another pre-wedding thing a lot of couples do is follow devotionals as a part of pre-marital counseling. When it seems that you’re building up for something huge, it’s a little easier to be motivated to really commit everything to the Lord together.

Once the novelty of marriage wears off a bit, you settle into plenty of mundane things and largely adapt to married life patterns. Make shared time in the Word one of those patterns. Don’t save mutual prayer, study, and upbuilding for crises or for married small groups. God brought you together. Stay with Him to stay together and grow in marriage as He intends.

  1. Get Involved Locally

After all that wedding stuff, you are finally married. Finally, you can just be together and have time together, just the two of you. It’s great. Don’t isolate yourselves, though. While you shouldn’t make plans every night of the week so that you never have time alone, do get involved locally, in your church, and with those you love.

Make commitments, share the gifts the Lord has given you, and feel free to do it together. “Hiding the light under the basket” –the two of you instead of one, is still not right (Luke 8:16). You’re knit together in the Lord for His glory!


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