6 Exciting Bridal Shower Themes

Photo from: www.thefrugallifestyle.com

Looking for a theme to make the bridal shower you are hosting a little more exciting and memorable? Check out these do-able, personalized themes!

The Kitchen Theme

Photo from: paper-luxe.com

Photo from: paper-luxe.com

It’s a classic for a reason. Many brides-to-be load their registries with kitchen items. If you know that the bride loves to cook or is in need of kitchen utensils and equipment, make that the theme of the shower.


  • Sending out recipe cards with bridal shower invitations.
  • Asking guests to bring a favorite dish to pass and the recipe for it.
  • Hosting the bridal shower as a cook-together. Pick a few favorite recipes for everyone to make together at the shower and suggest that guests bring gifts that the bride will use to make those same recipes in the future.

The Game Show

If most of the guests at the bridal shower are unlikely to know each other, make comradery easier by creating a game show theme. Be sure to have silly or cute prizes available for your guests.

  • Bridal Feud

Poll the bride before the shower. Ask her for her top five answers to 5-10 questions. Divide the bridal shower guests into two teams and give each time a buzzer or something that makes a unique sound. With the bride helping to host to game, play this customized version of “family feud.”

  • Minute to Win It

An exciting, silly game sure to get everyone laughing, Minute to Win It is easy to get creative with. Just come up with odd or humorous tasks that guests must perform in less than a minute. Create teams and keep track of which team’s members win the most challenges. Assign teams randomly, including the bride!

  • The Price is Right

Time for some window shopping. Collect images of bridal and wedding items like dresses or special platters. Play the price is right using those items, ensuring that as many guests as possible get a turn. The guest (or guests, you pick!) who make the best guesses should earn prizes.

  • Name That Tune

Simple and relatively quick, Name that Tune is a great way to get all the guests at the bridal shower engaged. It is best paired with other games. Just play snippets of popular tunes (preferably wedding or love songs to fit the occasion) and have guests guess. The first to guess (or who guess the most correctly) win prizes.

The White Elephant

Ideal for bride who is shy about opening gifts with all of the attention on her, this theme gets a lot of laughs and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Ask guests to all bring their gifts for the bride wrapped. Suggest the wrapping be unusual, colorful, or creative. Wrap up a few random, goofy gifts yourself that will be surprise prizes.

At the shower, follow the usual rules for White Elephant. There will probably be more gifts than there are guests, so have the bride draw extra tickets so that she gets to “steal” more gifts.

Obviously, at the end of the game the bride will get to keep all of the presents. The couple of wacky ones that you throw in can be prizes for guests.

The Mystery

Murder mystery parties are really fun and engaging, but they tend to be a little morbid for wedding-related festivities. Try playing your own mystery game, substituting the murder component for a missing person’s case. Who’s the missing person? The groom!

Create a funny script for the game, with an out-of-the-world scenario for how the groom has gone missing. Carry out the game slowly while dining, playing games, and even opening gifts if you would like to. When the mystery is solved, have the groom make his appearance and return him to the bride. Be sure to provide the winning sleuth with a prize.

The Tea Party

Morning or mid-afternoon bridal showers can be simpler and more affordable. Light-hearted as well, bridal showers at odd hours are the perfect occasion for a tea party. If the bride is a big fan of tea, dressing-up, or quiet, vintage affairs, a tea party is a perfect theme.

Just let guests know ahead of time that the shower will be a tea party so they can dress appropriately. Encourage guests to bring a cute or sentimental mug for the bride along with their gift. Hand out tea or related items as favors after the party.

Grown Up Dress Up

We all have a dress or two that has a really good story or moment behind it. Whether it’s a bridesmaid dress or a dress worn on a favorite date, have guests all wear a special, favorite, or unique dress. Ask guests to bring along an accessory that is silly or absurd. Or, provide a bunch of odd accessories yourself.

Once guests are at the party, have them write the reason that their dress is special on a card. The bride can then guess which card goes with which dress. If she guesses correctly, she gets to pick an accessory for that guest to wear. If she can’t guess correctly, the guess whose card it is gets to select an accessory for the bride.

You can play this game throughout the gift opening process or on its own. Just be sure to take a ton of photographs!


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