5 Best (Cheap!) Spring Dates

Photo from: lovinglifeforless.com

Spring time. When love is in the air, right?

For lots of soon-to-be married folks, spring is a time high in stress as wedding planning ramps up. Married folks often find spring to be busy too! Taking the time to go on dates and enjoy quality time together is essential –especially when you’re busy.

This spring, try one of these memorable date ideas (that won’t break the bank!):

  1. An Old-Fashioned Picnic

An iconic image of love in the great outdoors, you’ve probably seen a lot of examples of couples having a picnic. The good news is there is no wrong or right way to enjoy a picnic, so enjoy one however you see fit.

If you’re both into running around, bring a Frisbee. For daydreamers, try making shapes out of the clouds together. Just be sure to include these classic (highly romantic and affordable) elements:

  • A blanket of some sort
  • A basket or box (surprise your love with what you pack inside)
  • A light meal and a few treats (because picnics are supposed to be sweet)
  • A little natural décor (flowers are classic)
  • A bag for garbage (little crushes the mood like having to collect your own trash)
  1. Yard Sale Scavenger Hunt

The appeal of yard sales is the imaginative, surprising, personal nature of the set up. Fortunately, you can usually find outdoor sales aplenty in the spring time.

If you’re visiting local yard sales on a Saturday morning, you’re bound to get a peek into others’ lives, to find a few odd or hilarious treasures, and to get a few goods laughs in together. Plus, it’s fun to daydream together about the “stuff” you’re going to collect together in your own home!

Add an extra element of fun by turning your yard sale adventure into a scavenger hunt. Make a list of items ahead of time for each other and see who can find the most at the sales you visit. Or, create a few categories together and compete to find the best item per category.

  1. Bird Watching Walk

Considered by some to be a sport of sorts, bird watching can be really exciting. Grab your binoculars (or ask your grandma to borrow hers!) and hit up a local park, nature preserve, or rookery for a bird-watching walk.

In the spring time, many institutions offer free weekend, evening, and morning guided tours of nesting grounds. Attend as a date and you’ll get time out in the great weather, a nice walk, some fascinating information, and hopefully a few memorable bird-finds!

  1. Volunteer Together

When the weather warms up, there are often a lot of chores to be done. Does the term “spring cleaning” ring a bell? Have you ever noticed people out picking up sticks in their yards, replanting gardens, or preparing for some fresh updates to their homes?

With the busyness and freshness of spring, there are often tons of volunteer opportunities locally, at church, and in your neighborhood. You might even find volunteer opportunities in the homes of your loved ones.

You don’t have to find an official volunteer program to find ways to help out together. If you notice something that needs doing –offer to help. Ask around about opportunities. Whatever you do to help others, do it together.

Volunteering is free and it helps you work towards a goal as a couple. You’ll remember the laughs or the quality time spent weeding the church garden or painting grandpa’s fence. At the same time, you’ll get to practice something the Lord advises: giving. Serving. Remember to talk and pray together about why it is that helping out matters!

  1. Get Coupon Crazy

Great deals let you go on adventures you otherwise might not even think of! If you’re looking for something fun and different, check out local coupon sites like Amazon Local. You’ll find more affordable options for:

  • Dining out at local restaurants (some you may not have even heard of)
  • Attending local events like movies or concerts
  • Visiting historical sites or museums
  • Taking dance lessons
  • Trying a hobby like scuba diving, flying, or getting fit

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