How to Alter Two Lies and a Truth for Your Wedding Reception

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Considering your options for entertainment at your wedding reception? Why not do it yourselves? This twist on Two Truths and a Lie (or, as you’ll play it, Two Lies and a Truth) gets your guests and your (now!) hubby involved.

You can also play it against a friend (or each of your bridesmaids or guests, one at a time) at a bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Easy, laughable, and amusing for the “audience,” this game is also affordable. Meaning, there really doesn’t have to be much of a cost at all!

Get started:

  1. Write Out the Questions

Create a series of questions together or for each other. You’ll want about 5-8 questions per person. Do this as far in advance as you would like to.

Think of questions that are related to wild adventures you’ve each had, questions about your romance, silly “what if” ideas. Phrase each question as if you are asking him about what he thinks you think (or vice verse!)

For example:

  • What was my idea of a dream vacation as a kid?
  • What did I think about after we said goodbye post-first date?
  • If I were moving to China and could only bring one thing to read what would it be?

Don’t worry about the answers. Those will be supplied in part by your guests!

  1. Ask Guests to Provide Answers

There are several different ways to collect answers at the reception or party.

For a slow, spread out game:
  • Hand out little strips of paper or leave them at the guests’ tables.
  • When it’s time to play, read a question to the guests, having each guest write down an answer on the little piece of paper.
  • Ask someone to collect all of the answer in a hat, jar, or even the bride or grooms’ shoe!
  • Have either the bride of the groom draw three answers from the receptacle.
  • Whoever drew the answers must then read them to their self and select one to trade out for the truth.
  • The answering party must then read aloud the two lies to their fiancé or spouse.
  • Their fiancé or spouse must then guess which answer is the truth.
  • Continue the reception or party and occasionally read another question and repeat the process, allowing the couple to take turns answering questions. If they wrote the questions for each other, plan accordingly.
  • Keep score of who guesses the most correctly if you would like.
For a faster game that helps keep guests occupied while the bridal party is out taking photos:
  • Set up jars or some sort of receptacle that guests can easily access. Label each jar with a question and leave slips of paper out for guests to write answers on.
  • Alternatively, place a jar or two on each table with a question and papers for answers. Guests can mingle throughout the area and, as they visit the tables, fill out answers.
  • When the bridal party returns from taking photos, announce that it is time for the game. Collect the receptacles. Bring them to the bride and groom and play according to the rules described above (just all at once instead of spread out over time!)

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