I’m Fightin’ for my Rights…

Really cool thought by my friend, Shannon!

His Between The Times

Found something I wrote in 2006. It’s just as true today as it was then…

Our Declaration of Independence says that all men have the right to “life, love, and the pursuit of happiness,” but biblically I don’t believe that’s true. Life is not our right, for can we give it to ourselves? Adam chose what to put his trust in – deceit. Therefore every person now born has all the rights of sin – pain, toil, and death. The pursuit of happiness; perhaps this is sinner’s only “right,” for we can “pursue” happiness, whether or not we attain it.

Adam sinned. God loved. He sent a sacrifice for that sin, His own beloved Son. For those who accept that sacrifice, instead of trying to pay it back on their own, now, what are their “rights?”

In Christ, we have the right to Fellowship with God.

In Christ, we have…

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