5 Things to Celebrate About Your Husband

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It’s my husband’s birthday this week. He never quite understands why I get so excited for this day each year, but I do. There’s a lot to celebrate!

I suspect there are plenty of things for you to celebrate about your husband, too.

Whether you tell him about it, throw a party, or let these little wonders ignite your heart so that you can’t help but hug him when he gets home tonight, take a moment to appreciate and celebrate these 5 things about your guy:

  1. His Otherness

Marriage (and life, really) wouldn’t be as grand or wonderful without others having traits very different from our own. His differences are part of what attract you to him (and bewilder you in the best of ways.) He keeps you on your toes and stretches you when you get stuck on your own way.

Celebrate the things you don’t understand about him. Like his passion for all things racing. His unique ability to make up ridiculous song lyrics. His odd inability to dream or imagine, grounding your dreamer self firmly in reality.

  1. His Sameness

But marvel and value too over the stuff that you share. There are weird little “reallys?” and things that people always refer to you as “one” over (see: that couple that lovessss games). There are things you have in common that make you a great team.

Is it your mutual fondness for getting stuff done or for welcoming people into your home? Do you both like the same puzzle in the paper that everyone else passes over? Those little, shared things create that intimate bond that will keep you giggling and soft-hearted for years.

  1. His Provision

Whether or not you work as well, be appreciative of his provision. You know that not every day at work is fun. You know that the stuff you have and the dreams you’re working to achieve together wouldn’t be the same if he wasn’t investing his time and talent.

Think of his non-financial provision, too. The care he shows you, the hugs he gives, the listening ear and words of advice….those are priceless!

  1. His Relationships

He is an amazing husband to you…but also a great friend. You watch as he holds friends accountable and lifts them up. You hear him pray for his brother, his parents, and co-workers. It’s an honor every time you enter an unfamiliar group and get to say “that guy. That’s my husband.”

Maybe he’s an amazing dad or a great teacher. Whatever he is to you, celebrate that he is also something to many someone elses’. And celebrate what he means to Jesus, and vice versa.

  1. HIM!

I am blessed to be able to say that my husband led me to the Lord. Before that, I was drawn to Him in part because there was something about him I wanted but knew I didn’t have –in our case, it was the work of the Lord in Him to make him so selfless. Seriously, he is a guy whose thought of self doesn’t even come last- it rarely ever comes.

What is it about your guy that’s totally just…him? That God tailor-made and uses all the time? Think on those things. Thank the Lord for your husband just being who is and was made to be.

And celebrate! We all need a little affirmation and excitement over the Lord’s working in and shaping of who we are.

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