On Jesus’ Team

Photo from: www.huntleyyouthsports.org

A few basic rules to keep in mind as we “press on toward the goal.” Simple and straightforward, I pray these help us work together with our spouses and loved ones to glorify God, “running the good race set before us.

  1. Encourage one another
  2. Strategize according to what is right
  3. Give grace when mistakes are made
  4. Practice doing good even when you’re weary
  5. Point each other to the goal
  6. Hold each other accountable for following the rules of the game
  7. Take extra steps to be present and engaged even when it’s not your job
  8. Listen to the coach together

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5 thoughts on “On Jesus’ Team

  1. Karen says:

    I have a friend who insisted that going to a separate church from her husband was OK. Not surprisingly, she eventually ended her marriage citing irreconcilable differences. This is why #8 in your list is so important. While we can have some things we pursue separately, we must pursue God together or it will end up creating a rift in our relationship. thanks for these simple but important points

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    • mbethany says:

      Oh, it’s so sad when people (ourselves included) believe lies so powerful that they destroy even marriages. Sorry to hear that! Thank you for the encouragement, though! So glad for these simple points.


  2. bcb0 says:

    🙂 Love the “team” aspect to this. We are all a team, and our goals are His goals. — “On Jesus’ Team.” 🙂 Sweet sentiment. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. ((blessings))

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