A Place of Healing

Journey Pink

Do you want to get well?Can you imagine waiting 38 years to be healed?

The story of the Healing at the Pool in John 5 is a powerful story. It takes me back to the beginning of my healing journey. I remember reading in church about Jesus noticing and approaching the man who had suffered for 38 years.

My heart was pounding. At the time, I was thirty-eight years old.

Then, verse 6 jumped off of the page at me when Jesus asked him: “Do you want to get well?”

Those six words changed everything, and Jesus had my full attention. I didn’t know how to get well but I wanted to try. I just needed to trust Him to show me.

Recently, I read John 5 in the VOICE, and once again verse 6 stood out to me.

Jesus (to the disabled man):  Are you here in this place hoping to be healed?  John 5:6 (VOICE) 

This place…

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