#1 Personalized Bachelorette Party Game

The Game: He Said She Said He Said

This game is sort of like the old classic “telephone” game, except with the added bonus of being spread out over time, Q and A based, and designed to focus attention on the Mr. and Mrs. to-be. Plus, add in Family Feud…

So basically, it’s a ton of fun. You’ll get the laughs and the “aww” moments out of this one.

Depending on the questions and how well know the guests know the bride, you could also play this game at a bridal shower. However, it is best to play with people who know the bride well and even better if they also know the groom.

How It Works:


Before the bridal shower or bachelorette party, you will need to ask the bride and groom questions separately. You can do it over email, of course! Just be sure they don’t discuss the Qs and As with each other at all.

The questions you ask should be opinion-based. For example, ask about which Harry Potter character the bride would be, or ask for evidence that either the bride or the groom is tidier.

Make an answer sheet for yourself, like this one:



Divide the guests at the party into two teams and give each team their own Q and A board or sheet of paper. An example might be:



Each question will then be asked (preferably out loud and one at a time) 3 times as a series at the party:

(Q1) “What does He say? Which animal is she most like?”

(A1) The groom gave the host an answer ahead of time. Each team guesses his answer, writing it down. The bride can participate by answering one indirect yes or no question asked by each of the teams. Once the teams have decided on an answer, they each share out loud. The host then shares His answer.

(Q2) “What does she say he said? Which animal did he say she is most like?”

(A2) The teams again make their guesses while the bride listens in. Each team then reveals what they think the bride’s answer is. Since the host already has the bride’s answer, she can ask the bride if she remembers what she said. The bride and host can then reveal the answer, with the bride offering an explanation if desired.

(Q3) “What does he say that she said that he said? Which animal does he say she’ll say he said she is most like?”

(A3) The groom answered this question ahead of time, too. The teams guess again, writing down their answers. They share their guesses out loud in turn before the host reveals the grooms actual answer (and explanation, if he gave one!)


If the bride chooses, she can offer explanations of her logic after the answers are provided, refute her beau’s responses, or share a related story. It’s likely this will come naturally, especially if the bride and groom give very different answers!


Keep track of which team guesses the most answers correctly. The winning team collects prizes. Feel free to give the bride the complete question and answer sheet –and the guesses- as keepsakes.


You’ll Need:

-Time to develop questions before the event.

-Time for the groom and the bride to answer questions separately before the event.

-An organized answer sheet.

-An answer card for each team.

-Writing Utensils.



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